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Monday, May 30, 2016 9:17 AM PST
Corvette Z06 News

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The World's Only Right-Hand Drive 1963 Corvette Z06 is Still a Mystery
A one-of-a-kind Corvette is always attractive, but the fact that it's an unsolved mystery makes it irresistible. There's plenty of info on the only right-hand drive 1963 Z06 Sting Ray to make it tantalizingly exotic, but there's just enough is still ...

Top Gear

Allow Hennessey's 1000bhp Corvette Z06 to melt your speakers
Top Gear
The Corvette Z06 – a previous Top Gear Muscle Car of the Year, no less – hardly wants for power in its natural 650bhp state. Hennessey – who's behind the world's fastest convertible and other such road-going missiles – nevertheless offers a fleet of ...
The Hennessey HPE1000 Corvette Z06 Screams on the DynoTorque News
Hennessey's 1000 HP Corvette Sounds Vicious On The DynoduPont REGISTRY (blog)

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The 2016 Hennessey Corvette Z06 is a 1000-HP Screamer
Plenty of performance cars sound “good” when revved to the limit, throttle wide open. Some even sound “great,” but if you ask this humble writer's opinion, few sound as brutally perfect as this—the latest hopped-up Hennessey Corvette Z06. The ...

The Drive

Listen to Hennessey's 1000-hp Corvette Z06 Raise Hell on the Dyno
The Drive
Of all Hennessey's tuned American muscle cars, sports cars, and SUVs, none may be as insane as the modified Corvette Z06 the company dubs the HPE1000. Hennessey's name actually sells the car short; the HPE1000 Corvette actually makes 1,008-hp at ...

Torque News

Brand New Corvette Z06 Crashes During Burnout Exhibition
Torque News
When the owner of this brand new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 pulled into the burnout pit at the Automotion Commotion event this past weekend, he probably hoped that his tire smoking action would be immortalized on film – but instead, he slammed the American ...

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This Guy's Corvette Z06 Was Taken For A 150-Mile Joyride By The Dealership
Everything started off normally, with the owner dropping off the Z06 for its 500-mile oil change and to fix a "whistling noise" coming from the driver window. He authorized the dealer to test drive the car up to 25 miles to make sure the work was done ...
This Twin Turbo Kit Will Take Your Chevrolet C6 Corvette Z06 To The Next LevelGM Authority (blog)

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1000HP Lurks Under the Hood of This Mean Corvette Z06
638 horsepower. That's how much power the late-great Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 produced before it went the way of the dodo in 2013. 650 horsepower. That's the supercharged fury that the current Corvette Z06 brings to the table. In both instances, that's ...

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GM Authority (blog)

Chevrolet C7 Corvette Z06 HPE1000 Puts The Power Down On The Dyno: Video
GM Authority (blog)
Hennessey Performance Engineering really knows how to take cars we're already crazy about and make them even better. Take, for instance, this 2016 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Z06. Off the showroom floor it's a breath-taking machine, but once it's fitted with ...


2016 Corvette Z06: Pricing and Options in the U.S.
The 2016 Corvette Z06 often referred to as 'a car only one with the last name of Vettel of Gordon can handle' is a world famous sports car by Chevrolet. The car comes with 'power', 'performance' and 'looks' to swoon over, but, of course, you'd only be ...
Report: Mid-engine C8 Corvette to bow at 2018 Detroit Auto ShowMotor Authority
Report: Mid-Engine Corvette to Replace C7 in Late

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2007 Corvette Z06 Supervette is a Nightmare for 911 Owners
It started life as any old 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 does—with 505 horsepower and a knack for aggression. Except now it's bigger, brasher, more powerful, and just the thing if you like giving Porsche 911s a bad day. No, this isn't your neighbor's ...

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